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We feel that we have great genetic bloodline Boer goats for sale in Ohio and our sires are great to work with, they are very gentle and produce us lots of fabulous kids that have extremely great genetics.

We have some great buckling goats for sale out of these sires at the present time and are expecting more to start arriving in Febuary & March also. If your considering an addition to your Boer goat herd one of our boys should do you a find job.
Please look at our Bucks Bloodlines again:

Goldstrike Int't Boer Goat Grand Champion, Pistolero Ennobled, Renoir Ennobled, Nico Botha, Dowens Big Ennobled, Pipeline Ennobled Silver Sire, Tatonka Ennobled Gold, Yabu Ennobled, Tabu Ennobled, Tamu Ennobled, Kaptein Ennobled Platinum Sire, Lobola Ennobled, Ubora Ennobled Gold Sire, 7 A+, Rainey, Eggsfile Ennobled, Wobbles Ennobled, Ram Tobias Ennobled, Tsjaka Ennobled Silver Sire , Oscar Ennobled, Bodacious Protea Ennobled, Mr. RRD, RRD Magnum Ennobled,Ryals Topbrass Ennobled Platinum Sire, RRD MS. M27 Ennobled Bronze, Top Gun Ennobled, Sasquatch Ennobled, Eggs Pensive Ennobled, Eggs Ryal Magnum Ennobled, Eggstreme Ennobled, Eggsellent Ennobled, TND Leroy Permanent Grand Champion, CODI PCI, Billy Bob Ennobled Silver, and many, many, more the list goes on and on.

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Gold Strike Boer Goats

Curt & Teresa Elliott
Lecta, OH 45678


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