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Myotonic Goats For Sale

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# 008 Myotonic Renegade Squiggy

Myotonic Goat Group

Oh what a boy!!!!!! I am a tri-color and this mommy milk is sooooooo good!!!!!!
available for sale!!!!!!!!

# 009 Myotonic Little Big Man Mark

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh what a beautiful color and i am so soft, i like to run and play, and play and run til i get excited and then oh boy!!!!!!!!

# 010 Myotonic Buckling Zeus (SOLD)

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh what Pazzazz you have Zeus, i know i have it all going on, aren't i just aborable?
what a boy he is a tri-color buckling and is for sale at this time!!!!!!

# 011 Myotonic buckling Cajon

Myotonic Goat Buck

# 011 Myotonic buckling Cajon - Myotonic Goat Buck

What a boy, liver chocolate and white, he is a ghosty goat.
white face one side, liver chocolate face other side!!!!!
and I'm for sale!!!!!!!!

# 012 Myotonic Atlas & Abby (Abby Sold!)

Myotonic Goat Group

Here is atlas and abby just having a fun filled lazy day, what beautiful babies!!!!!!

# 013 Myotonic Boys Opie & Dopie

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hey Opie you want to see if we can give mom a run for her money? Dopie no wonder they named you that, you are so dopie some times, now what kind of money do you think mom would have, come on!!!!!!
we are for sale!!!!!!

# 014 Myotonic Lonnie Love

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi my name is Lonnie Love and i am the most beautiful boy, and i really like my picture taken so i can show off, i can come home with you if you want me to!!!!!!!!GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

# 015 Myotonic Jack & Jill

Myotonic Goat Group

Hey lets look for a big hill to go up i am sure we can fall down!!!!!

# 017 New Myotonic Fainting Babies!!!!!

Myotonic Goat Group

# 017 New Myotonic Fainting Babies!!!!! - Myotonic Goat Group

The Babies have arrived and we are taking deposits on them, doelings, bucklings, and wethers available all colors sizes and shapes available, what cuties they are!!!!!!!!

# 080 Myotonic Bucks on a Mission

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hey Bucky what do you think she is up to? She's got something in her hands and she is looking at us, boys don't get excited you will lock up and fall over and then no telling what will happen just keep quite boys, oh bucky you are so silly that is the lady that feeds us!!!!
Some of Our Myotonic Bucks on a Mission,

# 106 Goldstrike Mountain Romeo

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hey there my name is Goldstrike Mountain Romeo and I'm handsome and ready for girls!!!!
I'm For Sale!!!!!!

B-Goldstrike Mountain Montana Blues 1239

Myotonic Goat Buck

B-Goldstrike Mountain Montana Blues 1239 - Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi there my name is Goldstrike Mountain Montana Blues, I have the most beautiful blue eyes and I'm such a great kid wanta take me home I'm For Sale!!!!!!!!

D-Goldstrike Mountain Toby Keith 1230

Myotonic Goat Buck

hey my name is Goldstrike Mountain Toby Keith and really how do you like me now???????
I'm for sale, I have beautiful Blue Eyes!!!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Blue Cedric 1225

Myotonic Goat Buck

Fainting Buckling Blue Cedric a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!

For Sale at this time!!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Blue Mac McGuire 1238

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh Look at me I'm a Blue & White paint and well what can I say I'm just beautiful don't you think!!!!
I'm for sale!!!!!!

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Gold Strike Boer Goats

Curt & Teresa Elliott
Lecta, OH 45678


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