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Myotonic Goats For Sale

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Goldstrike Mountain Blue Rascal 1228

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi My Name is Goldstrike Mountain Blue Rascal and mom says she like to never got me to stand still to take this picture and that is why my name is rascal.
I'm for sale!!!!!
Blue and White fainting Buckling!!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Bugsby 1237

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi, my name is Goldstrike Mountain Bugsby, they call me Bugs all the time, I have Sky Blue Eyes aren't I just a cutie!!!!
I'm for Sale!!!!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Captain John 1232

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh!! Oh!!! Oh!!!! Can I Go I'll be your captain and we can go!!! go!!!! go!!!!!
I'm For Sale!!!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Kenny 1227

Myotonic Goat Buck

Goldstrike Mountain Renegade Cheyenne 1241

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi there!!!! Can I be your Renegade I promise I'll be a good Boy!!!!!!
I'm For Sale!!!!!

Goldstrike Mountain Snow Eagle

Myotonic Goat Buck

Hi I'm Snow Eagle and I have marbled blue eyes and would love to go home with you!!!!!!
I'm For Sale!!!!!!!

Love Machine Myotonic

Myotonic Goat Buck

Love Machine Myotonic - Myotonic Goat Buck

Hey baby pucker up I wanta kiss!!!!! Love Machine is a cutie of a buckling he is 100% Registered Myotonic Fainting Buckling that is tri-colored.
Sorry Guys this one is not for sale at the present time, we are keeping him as a sire!!!!!!

myotonic babies

Myotonic Goat Group

Myotonic babies now accepting deposits on them !!!!!

Renegade Pazzazz 100% Myotonic Buckling

Myotonic Goat Buck

Renegade Pazzazz  100% Myotonic Buckling - Myotonic Goat Buck

Renegade is a very nice 100%  Myotonic buckling, muscling up great.
Making a great buck keeping this guy at this time for a sire!!!!!

# 000 Myotonic Renegade Chester !!SOLD!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh Chester you are so cute!!!!!!!! what a beautiful boy!!!!! He is a available for sale!!!!!!!
SOLD and gone to live in Lisbon, Ohio!!!!!!!!

# 001 Myotonic Ghosti Storm Cloud SOLD!!!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

Oh my what a beautiful boy, black and white, and I'm available!!!!!
On Hold Sale pending !!!!!!!!!!

# 096 winston SOLD!!!!!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

hello my name is winston i'm a blue gray and white paint boy and am for sale please please take me home i promise i will be a good boy!!!!!!

# 097 Banjo Fainting Goat boy!!!!!!SOLD!!!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

oh banjo how cute can you be, a beautiful fainting goat (myotonic) boy and guess what i'm for sale can i go home with you?

C-Goldstrike Mountain Neopolitain-Sold and gone to Seville Ohio!!!!!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

Wow!!!!! What a beautiful boy I am, I have all the color and class.
and I'm For Sale!!!!!!!!
Can I be your guy???????
Neo is sold and gone to Seville, Ohio !!!!!!

E-Goldstrike Mountain Rocky 1233!!SOLD and gone to Sardis, Ohio!!!!!!!!!

Myotonic Goat Buck

Look at me ain't I just prettyful!!!!!!  Sold and gone to Sardis, Ohio !!!!!!!!

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Gold Strike Boer Goats

Curt & Teresa Elliott
Lecta, OH 45678


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