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We have South African Boer goats for sale in ohio, boer goats for sale in Ohio, they are a great breed, we have had other breeds but, with the Boer goats they are totally a different breed of goat literally speaking, there are none like them and it's our preference of the goats. Can you just imagine how Jurgen Schulz felt when he was able to bring 460 Boer goats on an airplane directly from South Africa to the United States.

We have found the Boer goats are friendly, very curious (anything that is in their pastures they think it belongs to them), highly intelligent and are a lot of fun to raise and sell.

We like color as well as the traditionals although we strive for color and get a lot of color in our herd having two dark solid red bucks with Renoir Codi PCI Bloodlines, which produces us paints (red & whites) and fancy paints (moon spots). We also have two other bucks that are traditional in color but produces us color with the Eggs bloodlines as they have color in their background pedigrees.

Boer goats produce large meaty kids that usually weigh 50 lbs or more at 60-90 days depending on the quality of your goats. Also we creep feed our kids from the beginning so they get a good growth start. We sell buck kids and wethers usually at weaning although we do keep some to grow on and sell at a later date.

Our doelings usually get bred at approximately one to one and half years of age, as we feel they should have time to mature before breeding them (just a personal preference). With mature does they will deliver cute twins or triplets (some quads). Most Boer does make excellent mothers with nice rich milk. We always try to give does their CDT about 1 month before they kid and this protects the kids until you can give them the 2nd CDT. We give ours their 2nd CDT at 3 weeks of age.

Our feeding programs consist of very little grain products, except when close to kidding, our does mostly run on pasture and brush, we supplement them with small amounts of feed.

One thing that we feel is extremely important is a really good worming program and to rotate your wormer's so that the worms don't get adjusted to one certain wormer and be of no effect.

We have enjoyed raising and listing great Boer goats for sale in Ohio. There's nothing like those sweet, cute little cries of the newborn kids in the barn. We really enjoy working with the Boer goats they are a delight to be around and take care of.

If you have questions about Boer goats, or you want to buy Boer goats, we can help and will do our best to help in anyway as we have Boer goats for sale in Ohio.

All of our Boer goats for sale are either registered as Fullbloods or Percentage Boer goats if not otherwise noted on the goats for sale pages.

Please visit our South African Boer Goat Bucks page for information about our Herd Sires.

Thanks for visiting our web site. We hope that you have some helpful information about Boer goats, they really are profitable to raise, even if you are only selling meat goats for slaughter.
If you have any questions or would like to start raising Boer goats, please contact us. We would be glad to help you get started.



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Curt & Teresa Elliott
Lecta, OH 45678


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